To commemorate our launch, we are making Hedgey PreToken completely free for every user until 1st June 2024.

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As PreToken is still in beta, we are onboarding users one at at a time. If approved, we will email you to set up a suitable time for your onboarding.

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Help your portfolio companies streamline their token launches.

Onboard your portfolio and cut down the time and cost they spend launching a token, while getting real-time updates and insights on their token launch.

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Share resources, get real-time updates, and streamline token launches for your entire portfolio.

TokenReady helps your portfolio companies streamline and organize every stage of their token launch giving you key inisghts, updates, and the ability to share portfolio-specific resources when it matters most.

Automated Updates

Add your portfolio companies and get automated updates and insights as they progress through the phases of their token launch.

Share resources

Add portfolio-specific resources and preferred service providers to make sure your portfolio takes advantage of what you can offer

Reduce the time and burn

TokenReady cuts down on the costly back-and-forth teams go through as they navigate their token launch.

Give yourself back hundreds of hours a year

From messaging founders for updates, to preparing your team for TGEs, TokenReady saves your time and keeps you organized on token launches across your portfolio.

Help your portfolio companies thrive.